Creative Designs, Custom Rock Shoes, Designed By You

Picture of Climbing shoes. Digital image. N.p., 06 Apr. 2016. Web. 5 May 2018.

How it Happened:

I started climbing a little over 2 years ago and absolutely fell in love. In my time climbing and buying rock shoes I have noticed there is a lack of options when it comes to design. They are boring and look all the same. I  was frustrated because I wanted my own, unique shoes that I could distinguish, but with there being a lack of options many people at the wall have exact same shoe. This is not only terrible to look at, thinking everyone is wearing a uniform, but it makes keeping track of your shoes hard as well. Rock shoes need to be for the climber not the other way around. Climbers are creative and have their own style and vibes, so why don’t their shoes show that?

While shoes like these perform great they lack the creativity that climbing brings. They are either confined to earthy, rocky colors or they look like shoes for kids. We want to change this and bring you cool designed rock shoes that are unique and show of your craziness. Where are the elegant shoes? The sporty shoes? The hip shoes? The wild shoes? Where are the ‘what are thoooossee’ shoes? Rock shoes need to show more individual and creative look to them and we are here to bring you just that!

When thinking about how I could design a first line I thought, “Why don’t I have potential customers send in designs they would like to see?”. We are here to hear your opinions about current rock shoes and what designs to implement in our first line-up. We are working hard to create creative line of awesome designs and would love to get suggestions from YOU! So you can sign up and send us some drawings!